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Konsulterna berättar – hur är det att jobba på Uniflex

Being new in a country when you do not know the language can be challenging in many ways, and to look for a job can be one of the challenges. Today we meet Joseph, who is an exchange student and taking his bachelor's degree in Sweden. He was able to find a job trough Uniflex as a terminal worker at Bring Parcel. How long have you’ve been in Sweden? I arrived to Sweden on the 14th of August 2015, so it's nearly about 10 months now. How long have you been working at Uniflex? Almost 7 months. Did you find it challenging to apply for a job in Sweden? It is always a challenge finding a job and be a full time student at the same time. To not know the language, make things even more difficult. I was lucky to found Uniflex as my employer and they had a great heart to employ me on the spot. How did you get in contact with Uniflex? Through online job search websites, I think it was Blocket.se What do you like most with your work today? My scope of work requires speed, strength and stamina. So this job saves me from going to Nordic Wellness Centre as I always stay fit working.